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Xewkija Tigers F.C.

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1) What does it mean to you to play for Victoria Hotspurs FC?
Ever since I was a child I admired Victoria Hotspurs and I always dreamt of playing with the senior team, which currently is the best on the island of Gozo.

2) What are personal, social and technical skills a good football player should have?
For a footballer all of these skills are essential but surely, the most important is having the right attitude and playing with passion.

3) What are your aims for the upcoming season 2019-20?
My aims for this season are to win as much trophies as possible.

4) Who is your football hero and why?
My hero is Nemanja Vidic, formerly of Manchester United. As a Man. Utd fan I always admired watching him play as he always gave everything and played with the appropriate attitude.

5) Which, in your opinion, is the greatest ever football match?
For me, the greatest ever match was between Valletta and Birkirkara in which Valletta clinched the title in the final match of the season.