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May 1, 2024

Victoria Hotspurs Approved as New Member of the Malta Football Association

Victoria Hotspurs won an historic vote at the Malta FA Extraordinary General Meeting as the club was approved as a new member of the local governing body of football.

Delegates of the member clubs gave a strong sign of approval with 41 votes in favour and 11 against.

By this vote of approval, Victoria Hotspurs after 75 years competing in the Gozo football league, will now compete in next season’s Amateur League II, with all their fixtures to be held in Maltese stadia.

Victoria Hotspurs submitted a request to the Malta FA to become a full member thereof on October 2, 2023. The request was discussed on more than one occasion at the Executive Board level and the members of the top brass of the local governing body of football confirmed that the Hotspurs fulfilled the formal requirements established by the MFA Statute.

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