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March 3, 2022

Ten-man Hotspurs lose to Ghajnsielem in the 1st Division KO Semi Final

BOV GFA Division I KO (S/final) – Wed 2 Mar 2022 – Gozo Stadium
Victoria Hotspurs FC – FT (1-3) – Ghajnsielem FC

Referee: Slawomir Olucha
24’ (1-0) Henrique De Souza Maciel

Victoria H:

D. Spiteri, E. Serrano Valero, C. Vella, D. Hili, J. Azzopardi, A. Debrincat (S. Bajada), H. De Souza Maciel, J. Pace, J. Tabone, O. Cremona, R. Blandon Rendon.

Ghajnsielem took full advantage of an extra player on the field of play for most of the second period and turned a defeat into a 3-1 win over Victoria Hotspurs in the second semi-final match of the GFA BOV Knock Out for the first division. The two sides were aiming to clinch the final of this competition as they both had a disappointing campaign in the championship. The Hotspurs seemed in better shape during the first period but they conceded an equaliser and ended up with a player less on the pitch before the tenth minute of play of the second period. The Blacks capitalised from the situation and held territorial supremacy so that they obtained the qualification with two goals scored during the dying moments of the encounter.

The hero for Ghajnsielem in this match was once again their Serbian striker Igor Nedeljkovic who scored the three goals for his side. Ghajnsielem will now face Nadur Youngsters in the final of this competition which will be held on a day that will be announced at a later stage.


The two sides came out determined to take command of the play and as a result, the play was well contested with scoring opportunities at the two ends of the field.

5’ Ghajnsielem had the first scoring opportunity of the encounter when Shaun Attard headed inside the area following a free-kick by Alberto Xuereb but Daniel Farrugia concluded badly from an ideal position and the ball ended away from goal.

9’ The Hotspurs replied through an initiative by Henrique Maciel who entered the area from the left but his attempt was blocked by goalie Adrian Parnis. However, the clearance by the goalkeeper hit Ghajnsielem’s defender in front of the goalmouth and risked committing an own goal but Victoria’s strikers failed to capitalise from the resultant melee and the defence cleared the danger with difficulty.

12’ Ghajnsielem missed another potential scoring opportunity when Victoria’s defence was surprised from a corner kick by Alberto Xuereb but Kenneth Mercieca hit badly from a close distance and lifted the ball over the crossbar.

.24’ (1-0) The Hotspurs opened the score when Henrique De Souza Maciel took the ball when he was unmarked inside Ghajnsielem’s area and concluded in goal despite the attempt by the goalkeeper to block the danger.

27’ Ghajnsielem could have levelled the score but a shot from an ideal position by Ryota Watanabe was partially saved by goalie Daniel Spiteri and as the ball seemed to head towards an open goal Victoria’s defender James Tabone cleared off the line to deny Shaun Attard from the tap-in. Goalie Daniel Spiteri recovered in time to clear the danger to a corner before Watanabe could hit towards goal.

30’ The Hotspurs were again dangerous through a free kick by Robinson Blandon Rendon that ended just high.

37’ (crossbar) Victoria Hotspurs were unlucky when an attempt directly from a free-kick by Robinson Blandon Rendon hit the crossbar.

HT (1-0)

Second Half

The outcome of the encounter continued to be uncertain after the break as the Blacks increased their efforts and saw more of the ball, particularly after scoring the equaliser and by taking advantage of an extra player on the field as the Hotspurs had a player sent off just after Ghajnsielem’s goal. The Hotspurs however showed character and resisted the initiative of their opponents despite having a player less on the field so that they threatened Ghajnsielem’s rearguard through sporadic breaks.

4’ (penalty – saved) Ghajnsielem were awarded a penalty when Igor Nedeljkovic entered Victoria’s area but ended on the floor following a challenge by defender James Tabone. However, the same striker saw his shot from the spot-kick that was partially saved by Victoria’s goalie Daniel Spiteri.

6’ (1-1) Ghajnsielem’s Igor Nedeljkovic took the rebound from the goalkeeper and placed easily in goal from close distance.

8’ (red card) The Hotspurs have reduced o ten players when Damon Hili was sent off for throwing the ball towards his opponent Michael Bezzina in the midfield after committing an infringement.

10’ Ghajnsielem’s Igor Nedeljkovic had a good header from a good position following a cross from the left flank that ended wide.

13’ Ghajnsielem could have turned the result in their favour but a first-timer from an ideal position by Igor Nedljkovic following a pass by Kenneth Mercieca missed the target.

27’ (protests for penalty) The Hotspurs protested for a penalty when Robinson Blandon Rendon ended on the floor when he tried to pass through Ghajnsielem’s defence.

35’ Victoria’s goalie Daniel Spiteri was called to make a difficult save to block a close-ranged header by Igor Nedeljkovic following a cross from the right flank by Shaun Attard.

44’ (1-2) Ghajnsielem managed to take the lead when Kenneth Mercieca delivered a cross from the right flank and substitute Kevin Farrugia prolonged inside the area so that Igor Nedeljkovic arrived on the ball and fired in goal with a first-timer.

45+2’ (1-3) The Blacks sealed the win by scoring the third goal that arrived following a break where Igor Nedeljkovic entered Victoria’s area and placed in goal with a low drive as the goalkeeper left his position in an attempt to block the danger.

Match Report: Gozo FA
Photos: Paul Scicluna

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