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December 2, 2020

Victoria Hotspurs start their challenge for the title with a handsome win

Victoria Hotspurs, who are considered as main challengers for the main honours of the Gozitan football this season, had an excellent start in the championship and earned three deserved points from a convincing 5-1 win over newly promoted Sannat Lions.  The Hotspurs dominated the match and capitalised from some overconfidence by Sannat’s defence so that they paved the way to the win with three goals scoring within the first third of the encounter.  Sannat tried to share play with their most quoted opponents but they suffered from the lack of experience and were also very weak in attack so that they never seemed in a position that they could save the result.


Sannat Lions FC : 1
Victoria Hotspurs FC : 5 

13’ (0-1) Christian Mercieca
16’ (0-2) Shaun Attard
32’ (0-3) Henrique De Souza Maciel
44’ (1-3) Damon Hili
50’ (1-4) Shaun Attard
59’ (1-5) Rodrigo Ost Dos Santos

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