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December 2, 2019

Victoria Hotspurs With A Handsome Win

Gharb Rangers FC : 1

Victoria Hotspurs FC : 6

17’ (0-1) Christian Mercieca

45+1’ (0-2) Emiliano Lattes

62’ (0-3) Emiliano Lattes

68’ (0-4) Christian Mercieca

72’ (1-4) Pablo Vinicius Ferreira

80’ (1-5) Emiliano Lattes

82’ (1-6) Christian Mercieca

The Hotspurs were determined to make up for a disappointing start in the championship despite the fact that for this match they had their prolific striker Elton Da Silva missing due to a suspension.  The reigning champions dominated throughout the encounter. They paved the way to the large win with two goals scored during the first half and justified their superiority by scoring on four other occasions during the second period.  Victoria’s Christian Mercieca and Emiliano Lattes were the main protagonists of the encounter by scoring three personal goals.

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