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The President

Jessie Portelli

The City Girls – Victoria Hotspurs Supporters – was formed naturally with the help of the Club’s Ex-President Dr Anton Tabone, the person who inspires all of us with the ideas he spreads among us. He suggested to initiate this fan-club for ladies who are an active part of this club since we always stand by our team through thick and thin. We cheer and give courage to all the players for every game whatever the result will be.

Upon meeting up, plans and ideas starting gearing up. The main point of this group is that we encourage friendly relations between supporters of the club and players of the team. We have planned to organise social events and fundraising activities to reach the aims of the supporters club. This will enable the supporters to make donations to the football club for specific defined activities and projects. It is widely believed that it is of utmost import to encourage participation of the younger generation.

A new ruby pink coloured membership card was issued. Anyone can be a member by purchasing this card for Eur 10 which is valid per season. Being a new member, a free scarf is being distributed and also will be entitled from various discounts upon showing such card to our sponsors.

All our activities will be advertised on our Facebook page. Therefore we kindly suggest that you LIKE our page to keep updated. We encourage more ladies supporters to join us for every game to spread out our motto ‘'SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT PROUD..COME ON REDS’’ a statement we truly believe in. Let’s make it work all together!