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Years playing in 1st Division:


Previous Teams:

Marsaxlokk F.C. | Sliema Wanderers F.C | Floriana F.C. | Birkirkara F.C. | Valletta F.C | Xewkija Tigers F.C. | Ghajnsielem F.C.

Soccer ball

Titles and cups won

2006/2007 Malta BOV Premier League

2009/2010 Malta BOV Premier League

2013/2014 Malta BOV Premier League

2007/2008 Malta FA Trophy

2013/2014 Malta FA Trophy

2010 MFA Footballer of the Year

2015/2016 BOV 1st DivisionLeague

2016/2017 BOV 1st Divison League , GFA cup

Get to know me

What's the best thing about playing for Victoria Hotspurs?
Victoria Hotspurs is a historic club and have a winning mentality. The club is showing professionalism in all sectors.

What other sports or activities do you love and how would you rate your skills?
I love Billiard, Squash and Table Tennis. I rate my skills in the mentioned sports as fair good.

What music genres and which artists do you enjoy listening to before a match?
I am not a fan of music before a game.

What was the greatest victory you've been a part of in your career?
There are quite a few. One of them was to beat Hearts F.C in the 3rd round of Europa League and succeed to qualify to the successive round. In terms of personal victory, surely I can never forget when I won the Malta Player of the Year award. Other important victories were to succeed to score in the final and crucial matches of Premier League both with Birkirkara F.C and Valletta F.C.

Where did you grow up and what was your greatest childhood memory?
I grew up in Sannat. Surely playing football in the streets.

Why did you choose football and who is/was your football hero?
My father was my aspiration. I used to go and watch him playing and fell in love with the game. Also coach John Buttigieg was the person that made me believe that on the pitch I was good as anyone.
My football hero is Lionel Messi.

If you could drive any car your heart desired, what would it be and why?
Although I am not a fan of cars, I would not min driving a Ferrari. As I know, I would never have one.