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Munxar Falcons | F.C. Gharb Rangers

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1) What does it mean to you to play for Victoria Hotspurs FC?
It is a great honour to play for the current champions of Gozo and one of the most successful clubs on the island.

2) What are the personal, social and technical skills a good football player should have?
He should have talent for the game and always be respectful of the coach, team manager, committee members, fellow players, referee and opponents.

3) What are your aims for the upcoming season 2019-20?
To win as many trophies as possible.

4) Who is your football hero and why?
Lionel Messi, the Barcelona legend for his skills and speed.

5) Which, in your opinion, is the greatest ever football match?
Liverpool vs Barcelona in the Champions League 2018-19 season, in which the Reds overcame a 0-3 deficit at the Camp Nou and won at Anfield 4-0.